adapter ring


Our 4″ Filter Media Cup Adapter is designed to fit our cups and allow our cups to be used in a broader spectrum of sumps. In other words. we didn’t realize how popular these cups would become, and decided we needed to make an adapter ring that would allow our cups to better suit the needs of everyone, not just Red Sea owners.
The two lines on the adapter ring allow for Trigger Sump owners to modify the ring to fit the oval shapped opening. 


Wipe adapter ring with distilled vinegar, then slide adapter ring onto Filter Media Cup, then place your Filter Media Cup into your filter tray, and fill with desired filter media.


Inner Diameter: 3.6″
Outer Diameter: 4.5″
Height: .125″­


100% Virgin BPA free Polypropylene

Our adapter rings are designed for our Filter Media Cups. We do not guarantee that they will work for others.


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