4″ hIGH-FLOW FILTER MEDIA CUP w/ adapter ring



This combo is perfect for Trigger Sump owners.

Our patented 4″ High-Flow Filter Media Cups will replace all those filter socks you have hanging around. Made out of a BPA free LDPE our High-Flow Filter Media Cups are a flexible one-piece design, that holds any filter media. The round design allows the Cup to slide into place, regardless of which “side” slides in first. The opaque color will easily hide any blemishes that may occur from changing out filter media.

Our blemished cups work just as intended. The only difference is they may have specs of other colors in them.

Patent number: 10588296


Wipe cup with distilled vinegar, then simply place Filter Media Cup into your filter tray, and fill with desired filter media. To clean just replace your filter media. No rinsing necessary. If living in a cooler climate (below 75 degrees) allow the cup to acclimate to room temperature before squeezing into the sock holder.


1 – 4″ High-Flow Filter Media Cup of your choice

1- Adapter Ring­


Inner width: 3.1875″
Outer width: 3.625″
Height: 6.125″


100% Virgin BPA free flexible LDPE­

Verify sump opening size. Our cups were designed to fit smaller sump openings. We do offer an adapter ring for Larger openings.

Our blemished cups are never the same, so they may not look like what is pictured.

Patent number: 10588296


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